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Kent Garage Door Repair Spring Replacement

The spring that pulls up the garage door is usually very strong and if it breaks while stretched it can fly off at an incredible speed with incredible force. This force can literally bore through a wall and hence can very dangerous. Due to risks involved, spring repair should only be left to professionals. We at Kent Garage Door Repair offer the best services when it comes to the replacement, repair or maintenance of garage door springs.

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Our technicians can handle all types of springs for all kinds of garage doors. Be it the extension springs that are used to close the monolithic doors or the torsion springs that are used in sectional doors. The springs used for the doors can pose a huge challenge for someone who is not experienced in them. Each door will need a spring that is of a particular type, size and length. If you use the wrong spring, the door might not function in the right way. This is because each spring is designed to manage a certain weight and each spring has different flexibility.
We will repair your spring in record time and ensure that your garage door is back in good working order within no time. For example, if you realize that you cannot drive out of your garage in the morning due to a failed spring, give us a call and in 15 minutes we will be with you. Repairing your door spring will take the shortest time possible and you will be on your way to work!

We are open 24/7 365 days a year. No matter the time, even deep in the night, give us a call and we will offer the required assistance. Our charges are very reasonable and we offer our customers discounts.